We are Pioneers of
Cloud Decentralization for AI

BigAI lets anyone monetize AI, allowing companies, organizations,
and developers buy and sell AI modules at scale.

We strive to develop the best technologies and to invent new
blockchain protocols that will bring a decentralized economy to everyone


The Mission

Our mission is to build an AI infrastructure for a decentralized economy.
We stand for liberty for everyone to create, innovate,and contribute to a better world.

Our Team

BigAI has a world-class team of 15 developers that were selected from thousands of contenders over the last few years. To become part of the team, each of its current members had either to win in the world’s top programming contests or to take the first place in one of the nationwide multi-level coding competitions held by founder.

Office Locations

Our Main
San Francisco
44 Montgomery St,
San Francisco,
CA 94104
BigAI offices

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We’re inventors of the distributed world. Our software, protocols, and algorithms are
the foundations for a new Internet.Blockchain.