The Marketplace Platform That
Re-Invented the Decentralization of Artificial Intelligence

Now, we are happy to share the next-generation platform, where decentralized AI and machine learning
can run and train various modules on local devices, and can also make decisions in decentralized networks, like blockchain.

Powered By the Blockchain Protocol

Our software platform, protocols, and algorithms are the foundations for a new Internet world.
They are built on Blockchain technology.

We’re building the decentralized AI infrastructure
for everyone to train modules, innovate, and contribute to a better world.

Decentralized Artificial Intelligence
& Machine Learning Modules

Our platform spans across various modules, from image training to Big Data analysis.
Take a look.

BigAI for developers


Image processing, and recognition

Now, you won’t need to do manual image processing, as BigAI has a pre-setup model where users can import all of their images and it will provide labels for those images automatically.


Conversation UI & Chatbot

Scalable way to give access to the training chatbots model with a closed decentralised server, so response time will be faster than ever and they can have real-time conversation.


Voice recognition & transcription

Transcribing voices was always a big question with AI. But BigAI makes it easy to manage and use their secured voice recognition and translation model. It can recognize and translate 100 languages.



Big Data analysis, predictions

BigAI simplifies the way that customers train their Big Data model. Our model allows you to train data in a way that gives results that are 99.99% accurate and a perfect outcome of data predictions.


Live object detection

Live object detection is getting really popular as automation is being introduced to driving. The BigAI open API can train live object models with decentralised nodes to give you an instant response.


Data scraping and training

Many companies need data to make market predictions, and data scraping is getting harder and harder every day. The BigAI module can connect the API and scrape the data in a decentralized way.


Decentralized AI Architecture

BigAI aims to create worldwide decentralized artificial intelligence the same way that
Bitcoin has created worldwide decentralized payments, and Ethereum a worldwide decentralized computer

BigAI Process

Architected for Businesses

Architected for BusinessesOur fully-automated AI was architected to allow businesses to get license bots for their own use and receive BIG tokens in exchange – our own unique utility token that powers the BIGCoin micro-economy.


Server ProviderService providers can easily access our AI and take license bots for their clients, receiving BIG tokens in exchange – our own unique utility token that powers the BIGCoin micro-economy..


Data ProviderData is a key part of the decentralized AI world. Data providers can freely upload various data into the system and receive BIG tokens in exchange. Each and every data will be fully secured.


BigAI Pool
BigAI for developers

Designed for Developers

Complete Software Development KitWe have easy to use software development for developers and companies to quickly and easily build robust, world-class AI bots.


Intelligent QueriesOur decentralized AI system provides real-time support, and queries intelligently.


Multi Language SupportWhether you speak to Greek, English, Japanese, or Chinese, our multilingual system is created for all of them.


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