Privacy Policy


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If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, contact us through our contact form.


This section refers to the personal data you provide to us during registration, with support tickets, on social media, or with any other form of direct communication between BigAI and you.

The information that we will store includes your email address, username, password (encrypted), location (for statistical analysis), and other information that you may provide us.


The Privacy Policy applies to every service offered by BigAI and its partners.

Our Privacy Policy does not apply to services offered by other companies or individuals.

Other Privacy Policies do not apply to our company.

In the case of our Privacy Policy changing, it will not, in any way, reduce your rights.


We reserve the right to modify any content you post on our website/social channels in case it doesn’t coincide with our ethics or is insulting.

Your personal data may be archived in our system, but it will never be used for any malicious purposes.

Personal data will not be shared with outside companies unless we are compelled by law.

The personal information you provide is used only to provide features to you, such as: news, security alerts, and requested services.


In order to help you protect your personal information from loss or theft, we are actively monitoring the security of our application.

We made great efforts to ensure your safety and you can rest assured that, at all times, you are safe. Our complex server infrastructure enforces a secure programmatic model to eliminate any security breach.


We will send you a notice if/when the privacy terms change, via:

  • Blog
  • Media channels
  • Email

In the case of our Privacy Policy changing, it will not, in any way, reduce your rights.