10 Mobile Cryptocurrency Trading Apps You Must-Have to Use

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The rise of the virtual currency has taken the world by storm. If you are a crypto-trader, having a dedicated cryptocurrency trading app is a mandate for you. While the popularity of Bitcoins has been most pronounced in recent months, other forms of cryptocurrency are also stealing the spotlight.

A powerful app can help you manage your investments in cryptocurrency. The miners need to remain constantly updated with the prices of the coins. You would look out for the best cryptocurrency app for your smartphone that can help you take better business decisions.

Here are ten mobile cryptocurrency trading apps that every crypto-trader must try out.

Coin Tracking

Coin tracking is one of the most versatile crypto-trading apps. The graphical figures prepared by the app enables the users to make comparisons between trends and figures.

The app creates pie charts of the portfolios of the users and enables them to calculate the metrics. You will also get reports from for tax deduction from the app. This is a feature-rich app, and the users need to subscribe in order to enjoy the features. You can get the app on your Android or iOS device.

Coins.ph Wallet


You may already be into crypto-trading, or willing to invest in cryptocurrency. Download the Coins.ph apps that can help you keep a better track on your investment and manage your accounts. These tools have been developed, prioritizing the needs of the crypto-traders. You will find the reports, history, charts and other analytical information in the apps highly beneficial.


Blockfolio is a portfolio-checking app and has gained popularity due to its clean and simple design. The cryptocurrency holdings have to be entered manually into the app.

However, you should note, that this is not the ideal app for you, in case you are moving on from one coin to another. The interface of the app looks smart and attractive. The app is compatible with both Android and iPhone.

The app keeps a track on the investment and you can get detailed market information on a single platform when you use the app.

Bitcoin Checker

This app comes with a sleek design and you can get all the updates on the status bar. This app has been developed only for the Android users. The users can resize the app and it provides the crypto-traders with the details of any cryptocurrency from any exchange.

The app enables the users to monitor bitcoin at multiple exchanges in order to check arbitrage opportunities. You can keep a track on the altcoin bags through the app, even if they are on obscure exchanges. The users can also synchronize currency pairs that are set directly with the exchange server.



Lawnmower is a powerful app, developed to simplify the process of cryptocurrency trading. You can view historical data and news related to the crypto-world on the app.

The clean interface of the app delivers a refined experience to the users. The Coinbase users can easily sign up with the app. You can view the bitcoin accrued and the equivalent dollar in the app.

Besides, it provides the users with a history of the purchases made in recent times. The historical charts and well-organized information in the app enhances the interpretation of the data.


In case you find that the cryptocurrency you are investing in has no mobile app, you can use zTrader to get connected through an API and carry out the trade. The app offers trading services to seventeen exchanges.

You can trade in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple., NXT and various other forms of cryptocurrency through the app. This is one of the most popular crypto-trading apps and has crossed 10,000 downloads to date.

The users get regulated news feed, notifications, and alerts through the app. It also shows live trades, history and order books to the users.


This app enables the users to earn cryptocurrency for completing various tasks and answering messages. However, you need to comply with the terms and conditions. Earning cryptocurrency may sound pleasing, however, you will not benefit from the app, unless you are an influencer. This is a legit app, and improvises your knowledge and wisdom, as demanded by the crypto community.

Bitcoin.com Wallet


Bitcoin has come up with its own wallet for the Bitcoin traders. You can keep a track of your Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash through the wallet. The app can be used both for Android and iOS devices. The feature-rich app is extensively used by users who trade in Bitcoin. The onboarding process for the app is shorter the app provides all the necessary information to the users.



Cryptonator is a cryptocurrency-trading app that comes with an all-inclusive cryptocurrency option. It enables the users to convert more than 500 types of cryptocurrencies. The users can track their favourite currencies and track the value of the coins they own through the portfolio tool.

Besides, the fun segment in the app, that provides the users with information on the best and worst performing cryptocurrencies in a given month.

Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet


Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet is a highly secure app, used for managing Bitcoins. The private keys of the users stay on the device. They do not move unless the users move them. The app enables the users to manage multiple accounts. The users need to create a PIN in order to maintain the privacy.

The app has got a local trader feature, which allows the users to trade Bitcoin in person with others. The crypto-traders find this app extremely useful, as it offers a wide range of features. This is one of the most powerful cryptocurrency trading apps.


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